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Business Services

Hometown Bank offers the business services that let your business work more efficiently.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Direct Deposit

Merchant Credit Card Processing

Night Deposit Bags

Notary Services

Internet Banking

Talk with us today about convenient, secure 24-hour Internet banking. You can manage accounts any time of the day or night from anywhere you have Internet access. It can make your business more efficient and your life easier.

Cash Management

Hometown Bank offers cash management to help your business get control, save time and improve overall financial management.

Balance Reporting

Balance Alert


Book Transfers

ACH Processing

Wire Transfers

Business Debit Cards

Business Debit Cards are designed for business owners/managers to use for their everyday purchases.  Businesses that use a debit card enjoy the convenience of making payments whenever and wherever they need.  Making purchases locally or internationally is possible through the use of debit cards.  Each business customer will be provided with a monthly statement that will detail all transactions conducted by each cardholder.   Use of the card is limited to withdrawals from Business Accounts only and Business Debit Card transactions are not subject to any of the consumer protections afforded under the Electronic Funds Transfer Act (Reg. E).

Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture provides a convenient way for our business customers to deposit checks into their checking account by scanning the checks and then transmitting the scanned or digitized image to us.  This reduces the time, cost and volume of paper associated with physically mailing or depositing checks or monetary instruments in person.